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Just trying to live my life

April 21, 2018

It’s been a year since I’ve posted, and prior to that I was spotty. Life got in the way certainly, but mostly I find myself tired of being angry all the time. Don’t get me wrong (and believe me, I know I write this more for myself than anyone actually reading it), I still care about politics and the direction not only of the country but the world, but I feel that I have less and less to do with any of it.

Have you read the paper lately (has anyone read a paper lately?)? It’s all bad news. Fascism and authoritarianism is on the rise, striding the globe. There is not one country that’s safe, including ours. I’ve lived a good life, white, male, in a country that caters to such. But I berate myself that I haven’t done enough to help others, to help humanity in general. And the worse the news gets, the more I think I should help.

And how I admire those that do. To be young and idealistic. Storming the barricades, taking it to the streets. Yes I know I still could, and the fire is still there though it may be only embers on a cold night. But I also have responsibilities. To my wife, to my family. Unfortunately storming the barricades doesn’t pay well these days (and yes, it never has, monetarily). But perhaps that is the way the system was set up, so the more “responsibilities” you have, the less you are able to protest against the state.

But I want back in, even if I have to sit in the gallery and the only sound you hear from me is a light applause.

This is a start.


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