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The Death of The Republic

March 16, 2017

The death of the Republic for me started on February 16, 2016. That is the date that Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia died. Because with his death, the Republican Party signaled to the world that the experiment had ended. That is the date that a few old white men decided that their grip on power was more important than a branch of government. That one of the three branches of government would remain ineffective as long as they were the minority party.  
Their gambit worked. Because the majority party followed protocol and did not force a vote through. They won their gambit because the majority played by the rules. They won their gambit because the majority party believed in the tradition of 250 years of government. They won their gambit because they believed only in the naked use of power.
This is not a democracy. This is becoming an autocracy. Democracy has been in decline for the last few decades. Since President Clinton came into office, we entered a stage of neoliberalism. And with neoliberalism, the country moved away from its concern about protecting its citizens and insuring that the institutions that protect them remain. It moved towards a system where everyone was on their own. Where the rich were free to exploit the poor, and the poor were free to die on their own.  
Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee were the pinnacle of democratic neoliberalism. Our betters decided who would become president, and anointed Hillary Clinton as our savior. It didn’t matter who was running, they were not the anointed. So they were pushed aside. And what the masses wanted didn’t matter. They were tired of war. They were tired of being used. They were tired of watching their betters continually destroy our institutions so that they could enrich themselves.  
And the masses wanted different. What that different was, they didn’t care. All they knew was they didn’t want their betters telling them to be quiet and accept the world given to them. Accept that they must do with less. Accept that they didn’t matter anymore.  
And so they voted. And they voted wrong. Are they to blame? Are the ones who voted to elect a narcissistic unhinged zealot into office to blame? Well, yes. But, and there is a big but, the masses have been abused for a generation. They’ve been lied to for a generation. They wanted something better. Different.  
So now we have peoples from all over the world turned away from our borders. We have more money for guns, but none for butter. The people of the United States of America will now get different.
Just not the different they thought.  


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