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Finding Someone to Blame

September 11, 2016

The human animal is a very funny beast indeed.  No matter that a human is presented with facts, they will to their dying breath find someone else to blame for their own actions.

I am referring in this instance to Conservatives in relation to Muslims.  

Oil was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938.  Every day since then the West has been meddling, subjugating, and interfering in the affairs of every country in the Middle East.  We, meaning the West, have supported every despot in the region in order to keep the oil flowing.  And every despot in the region has used torture and murder against their citizens in order to stay in power.  

And then in our infinite wisdom, the US decided to invade Iraq.  This one action has been responsible for destabiling the entire region.  And by destabilizing I mean that hundreds of thousands of people have died, and millions have been displaced.  Entire regions of the Middle East are now uninhabitable.

And you wonder why certain Muslims want to kill Westerners.

I guess the only question I have for Conservatives is, are you really that ignorant?  Or are you so afraid to look into the mirror and see what we are responsible for?


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