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The Stranger

September 5, 2016

We’ve seen his type before. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes not. It just depends on the guise in which he comes.

He’s seen standing outside a country general store in the 1880’s selling a cure all. Except the cure all is made of poison. He knows it but doesn’t care. He tells the crowd in front of him that for only fifty cents this will cure every ailment that you have.

He’s seen standing on a street corner in Eastern Europe in the 1910’s handing out pamphlets blaming everyone’s misfortune on the Jews. Telling the crowd that all their problems are not their fault, but the fault of Jews stealing their homes and money.

He’s seen under a tent in nowhere USA in the 1920’s, sweating with everyone else on a sweltering August evening selling a cure all. Except this cure all is in the form of religion. Telling the poor unfortunate crowd in the tent that it’s not their fault, that they just don’t believe hard enough. And that they can reach eternal salvation for only a small donation.

He’s seen on a platform in Moscow in the 1920’s telling the crowd that it’s not their fault, that they have been misled. That it’s the fault of foreign subversives and Jews, and that if they put his party in power, that the people will own everything.

He’s seen in a piazza in Rome in the 1930’s exhorting a crowd telling them that he can get the country back to greatness. That he can make the trains run on time. All they have to do is believe him and elect his Blackshirts to power.  

He’s seen in Germany in the 1930’s at rally after rally telling the crowd that it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the Jews. That the Jews stabbed the country in the back. And he can make the Fatherland great again, as long as they trust him.

He’s seen in Washington in the 1950’s telling th citizens that if they love their country, that they have to turn in the subversives and communists. That if they only get rid of the filth that he can make the country great again.

He was seen in country after country in the 1960’s telling his countrymen that now the white oppressor is gone, that all they have to do is put him in power and he will make their life better. That he will rid their new country of the wrong types and make it pure again.

He was seen in Cleveland telling his supporters that he will make their country great again. That by jailing the opposition, by deporting the illegals, by building a wall, he and only he can improve their life. That he can take them back to that time when only they had power.

He’s always been, and he always will be. Preying on the weak and the unfortunate. Telling others what they want to hear. Coveting power only for himself. Destroying the rest.

We’ve seen his type before.  


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